Organic Meats & Dairy

At Four Winds Farm we sell raw milk, meat, eggs and a few other foods that are grown or made by our neighbors.

Raw Milk

Every morning we fill our customers jars with raw milk. Most jars are wide mouth (easy to clean!) half gallon glass bottles. When we have a surplus, we separate and sell the cream in quart or pint jars. We sell our milk for $5 per half gallon and cream for $10 per quart. With the flush of spring milk, we are currently accepting new milk customers. Please bring your own clean jars and check in with one of our farmers if you are uncertain about how it all works. We are also selling a raw milk yogurt (never heated past 110 degrees) in quart jars for $5 plus a $1 jar deposit. Please do not buy milk from our milk fridge if you are not a current customer. All jars in the fridge have been filled for someone (whose name should be written on the jar).


We sell beef, veal, lamb and pork in cuts from the freezers in our farm store. Broiler chickens are available during the pasture season. We offer them fresh for a couple days after we process them and the rest are available in our freezers. We process old layer hens once or twice a year and offer them for sale as “soup” birds.


Our sheep and cows are exclusively grass fed, grazing on pasture during the spring, summer and fall and eating organic hay. Our chickens and pigs eat certified organic grain and excess produce from a nearby supermarket. We do not currently sell cows, pigs or sheep by the whole or half (only by cuts).


Our layer hens forage on our pasture and eat certified organic feed. Eggs sell for $5 a dozen.

Other locally produced goods

We also sell local honey, baked goods and occasionally sheep skins. We sell a raw milk cheddar made by a Mennonite farm in Pennsylvania.